Corinth United Methodist Church
Friday, May 25, 2018

Our History

Corinth United Methodist Church
Sandston, Virginia 
1888 – 2013
Celebrating 125 Years
On October 27, 2013 Corinth United Methodist Church celebrated a milestone in its ministry … 125 years of Mission and Service in the community of Sandston, Virginia. As we planned for this exciting day in the life of the congregation, we could not forget the history that allowed us to come to this day of Celebrating 125 Years!
As one enters the Narthex of Corinth United Methodist Church from Kemper Court, on the wall ahead you will see three paintings by Dave Lewis, a former pastor. Take a moment to look at these paintings and you will see the evidence of the growth of the congregation over the past 125 years.
The first church was a one room structure built in 1888 on property located a few blocks west of the current facility. By the 1920’s the old building was in need of repairs and updates as well as some additional space. According to the deed dated 1923, the property located at the corner of Williamsburg Road and Kemper Court was purchased and the congregation moved into the new church in October 1925.
Because of continued growth in the church membership, the building committee began to study ways to provide for the needed expansion and a new educational building was constructed. Discussions soon followed in the late 1950’s to build a new sanctuary. Following the demolition of the old stucco church, a major construction project was begun and the current sanctuary was dedicated in 1961.
The last major expansion project for Corinth United Methodist Church was a new educational building which was dedicated in 1991. Many renovations over the past few years have provided the local congregation with a facility that was equipped to meet the needs within, as well as the community at large. Throughout the history of Corinth, the church has developed a reputation as a caring and dedicated faith community with a passion for mission and Christian outreach to the community. Today, many local organizations call Corinth their home as their regular meetings are held within the facility.
However, it is not the property that sustains a congregation for 125 years. The building can only provide the setting for the people and the programs. It is the passion to do God’s work that encourages the members to become faithful servants. It is the desire to meet the needs within, yet build for the future that promotes outreach efforts for the church. This is the foundation upon which Corinth United Methodist Church was dedicated. “As members of the household of God, we renew our covenant faithfully to participate in the ministries of the church by our prayers, our presence, our gifts, and our service.”
As of today, we find ourselves once again considering an important building project. This time the project is to update our current facility to meet the growing needs of the congregation. A yearlong study of the church facility was completed by an ad hoc committee whose members conducted interviews within the congregation to explore the feelings, attitudes and needs for the building. The information was compiled and presented to architects who then incorporated the suggestions into rendering for a three-phase renovation project. Corinth’s Redesign Project Team believes that these building improvements would be instrumental in advancing our service to God as we plan and work to continue the church’s ministry. As we look to the future of Corinth United Methodist Church, we must consider how we plan to move forward with God’s work here in Sandston, Virginia.
Corinth United Methodist Church Exists to:
Enhance Christian discipleship,
Express enthusiastic hospitality as a faith community, and
Extend God’s love and grace to others.
Enhance … Express … Extend