Corinth United Methodist Church
Thursday, November 23, 2017

Music Ministry



Music Ministries at Corinth


“For I am about to do something new, See, I have already begun.”  Isaiah 43:19


Our Corinth Chancel Choir was so excited to welcome new singers to the choir both men and women! What a blessing! Many blessings! The fall season is being ushered in with new choral sounds and faces in the choir loft to lead the worship music. The choir will be singing a few of its favorites, along with learning new Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas music. Singing together is inspiring, especially when we think of music as another way to pray and to worship God. Music often takes the sad or weary person who joins in singing and changes one’s mood entirely just by singing spiritually.


We are sprucing up the choir room and getting rid of old file cabinets in the adjoining space behind the chapel. The choir robes have been cleaned and we hope to order more robes to fit our newest members. If you know of someone who might enjoy listening to choral versions of hymns and other sacred music, let me know. I will be happy to share those CDs with you. There might be someone you know in a nursing home or assisted living facility who would enjoy hearing and singing along with familiar hymns. I also have some CDs of contemporary Christian music that young people and, actually, anyone would enjoy.


If you would like to learn to read music or bone up on reading skills, come join a handbell group who will be working on selections for the fall and Christmas season. Let me know if you are interested in forming a handbell group. I know there are drummers, bass players, and other musicians in the congregation who play woodwinds, strings and brass instruments. Contact me to schedule a time you are ready to add your particular instrumental sound to the worship service.


The Children’s Choir is rehearsing a group of contemporary songs that send a message of love and caring. Music brings us all together to form a common bond. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing the voices of singing children and young people.


What a blessing! Many blessings! Sing lustily in the congregation, as John Wesley instructed congregations to do or join the choir and feel that uplifting spirit for yourself.





Blessings to all,

Diana Greer, Director of Music Ministries 



Join the

Handbell Ringers

at Corinth!

Handbell ringing is fun
and easy to learn.          
There are others who are
learning to play, too.
We need “extra hands!”